2:20 am - Sun, Jun 26, 2011

thank you greece!

here are pictures from athens and thessaloniki (with the amazing thessaloniki backstage tunnel in between…).

thanks again for a wonderful 2 days in greece.


5:57 pm - Wed, Jun 22, 2011
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there’s nothing strange about this. just me and zach. very informative.


8:41 am - Tue, Jun 21, 2011

hi. this weekend we had 3 shows in 3 days, warsaw, belgrade, and tilburg (netherlands). so here are 3 pictures.

in antwerp now, headed to paris and then greece. thanks for coming to our…

1:36 pm - Wed, Jun 8, 2011
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more pictures!
some pictures of:

1-st petersburg at 3 a.m

st petersburg at 3 a.m

2-zurich last night

zurich last night

3-me in a bathroom

me in a bathroom

4:36 am - Tue, Jun 7, 2011
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i hope you had a good weekend!
oh, here are 4 pictures of todays touring schedule:

moby tour journal

moby tour journal

moby tour journal

moby tour journal

4:48 am - Fri, Jun 3, 2011


1-yes, I was mildly electrocuted during an acoustic show at the reflex gallery in amsterdam. But I’m feeling a-ok now. Maybe I even had some accidental electro shock therapy. Thanks…

9:58 am - Thu, May 26, 2011

right before i left on tour i recorded an instrumental, orchestral version of ‘the day’. i hope you like it:

11:00 am - Tue, May 24, 2011

Moby will be closing this years iTunes Festival, playing live at the Roundhouse in London on 31 July! Click here to apply for tickets to the show.

iTunes Banner

1:22 pm - Mon, May 23, 2011
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Moby, had a childhood fantasy of being left alone in a museum after hours. Tateshots made it reality, with a late night tour of Tate Modern. Moby talks about the impact art has on his…

5:47 pm - Wed, May 18, 2011

Moby will be joining the BUG video showcase for a special video retrospective night at the BFI in London on June 1st. Moby fans can get their hands on very limited tickets for the night from…

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